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The Spinone Italiano, also known as the Spinone, Italian Spinone, or Italian Griffon is a very ancient hunting breed dating back as early at 500 BC. In Italian, spinone means "very prickly". This could refer to the coarse hair that typifies this breed, or the rough terrain which the dog is able to work. The Spinone is a large, rugged dog of distinctive appearance with thick skin, webbed feet, and a keen sense of smell. Suited for searching or tracking birds in all climates and on all terrains, its rough coat and thick skin provide excellent protection from thorny underbrush, and cold and wet. The Spinone is a good swimmer and a model pointer and retriever. Spinoni Italiani naturally work at medium range or within gun range. They are a great foot hunter's breed.

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Black Pointe Spinoni
The Spinone's grumpy appearance contrasts with its gentle and affectionate disposition. Centuries of serving and living closely with man has produced a breed that is docile yet vigorous, non-aggressive yet courageous, and friendly yet vigilant. This noble dog is a credit to his heritage.
Photo by Monica Sherer
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Black Pointe Spinoni