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We are located approximately 10 miles east of Portland, Oregon. In 2005, we began looking for a breed that naturally made an excellent foot dog for hunting upland game. In addition, we wanted a dog that was easy to train, and made a great family dog. Intriqued by the Spinone's history and the preservation of the early characterisics of the breed, we quickly narrowed down our search. In 2006, the Spinone Italiano become our breed of choice. Before we knew it, we were on the puppy list!! One puppy quickly turned into two, and Black Pointe Spinoni was born.

At Black Pointe Spinoni, we breed AKC Registered Spinoni Italiani. Our focus is maintaining the traditional characteristics of the breed which result in a happy, upbeat, loving companion with strong natural hunting ability.

Black Pointe Spinoni

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