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Do Spinoni shed?
Spinoni actually shed very little.
What about grooming?
The Spinone is a naturally "scruffy" looking dog and brushing with a slicker-type brush is sufficient.
Good hygiene is required such as ensuring toenails are kept short, ears clean, and perhaps trimming long hair around feet or eyes. Like other long earred breeds, ears need to be cleaned regularly.
Does a Spinone make a good pet?
The Spinone is an ideal family dog. Spinoni are sociable dogs, fun and loving, eager to please and a joy to live with. They are NOT a breed that can be put in a kennel with little interaction. They require human contact and like to be involved in everything.
How trainable is a Spinone?
Spinoni are very easy to train, as they are an intelligent, willing student, anxious to please. However, they are quite sensitive and somewhat submissive. They do not respond well to harsh methods and will shut down and refuse to perform. Spinoni have an incredible memory and like an elephant; they "never forget".
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Is it hard to find a Spinone?
At this time, there are only around 1,500 to 2,000 Spinoni in the US.
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