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Black Pointe Spinoni
" I have been wanting to write to you and tell you how much fun we are having with Verbena (Bina). We are so in love! She is such a sweetie, a better doggie really could not be found. She immediately adapted to us and seems to always have been a part of our family. Such a sweet character with lots of independent personality to remind us to be flexible and creative, so much love! A truly special dog..."
" I'm afraid all the other families who got pups from your litter are disappointed they did not get the best puppy, because I know without a doubt we did! Rocco is awesome. He is exactly what I had in mind while I was looking for a pup. His personality is incredible and the entire family is just head-over-heels in love with him!...All in all, he is a wonderful dog and I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to add him to our family"
Black Pointe Spinoni
" Stella is a doll! I'm in love even though I must admit, she is exhausting. Her and I walk everyday when I get home from work..."
" I apologize for not staying in contact! We have been busy with our newest child, (the four-legged one)...Perdie to be exact! We LOVE her! She is doing great...The kids love her, the lab mix loves her. She's just a jewel!..."